My bad… I just really felt like I had to say something because I can’t put up with some ignorant shit like that.
I’m Spanish but I get heated when people really try to be racist and talk shit about black people. I can’t just stand there and not say anything. Racist people really be running across that line of respect.

thatdudeemu said:

You're cute and I hope you're having a good day






ur ugly and broke iont got the time


Bruh, I know you’re one of the “good guys” on here so PLEASE allow me…

Ugly? UGLY? You ol’ Amy Winehouse face, Wednesday Adams tan havin ass from the suburbs actin like you got some black in you just cause some black done been in you and left his Wu Tang shirt at yo dirty ass apartment ass, long pink nipples like a pig havin ass mouth like a broken window sharp ass teeth havin ass, white as fuck but got black ass kneecaps from suckin dicks on dirty carpet ass, tattoos done with a broken etch-a-sketch dirty ass white cave beeeeeeeyooooootch!!!!!

(drop mic)

Bruh while I thank you for feeling the need to defend me there is no need for it she said how she felt and that’s cool she doesn’t have to take my compliment and she owes me nothing cause I gave her one she feels I’m ugly then that’s how she feels she thinks I’m broke then that’s how she feels (even though I am broke) no time for negativity just stay positive and live life

you aint even ugly tho you fine

Na fuck that @thatdudeemu

@thechocolatarian (picks mic back up)

fuck out of here @cuntry-grammar with your no body having white ass bitch looking like snoopy pussy lips giving niggas a round of applause while you walk by with your cheap ass spray tan trying to look like a Spanish chick wanna be a dancer but fuckin up on a 2 step thinking you have a body but your knocking bones together no ass having nipples matching your skin color having niggas play I spy with them shits thinking you black cause you let them bust a nut on you thinking your life’s good cause yo mom and dad want to pay for it all. Man next time don’t come off as a cocky ass bitch because honestly at least someone thinks your cute I don’t know who led you to think you were cute and to whom ever did they deserve to go fall in a pit. Just be humble about it and just say thank you I find it fucked up that some one took there time to actually say something and for you to come off as ignorant is some bitch ass shit so hop off your pedastool bitch cause in the long run your just some ugly no ass having white bitch that should only be spoken to if the nigga is trying to get there shit sucked.

(Drops mic)

Damm lol she said niggas keep guessing low